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Celebrating “Internationality” in the Province of Saint Ann

On April 28 and May 2, we welcomed two international priests back to the Province of Saint Ann – USA. Blessed Sacrament (SSS) Father Joselito (Lito) Hitosis came from the Philippines after a vacation from his previous assignment in Hilo, Hawaii arriving in Holiday, Florida, to be the new parochial vicar … for the parish of Saint Vincent de Paul. He joins Father William (Bill) Fickel SSS, the pastor, and Father Dominic Long SSS, the current parochial vicar. He will also collaborate with the Filipino Community in the Diocese of Saint Petersburg since they need a chaplain now….

On May 2, Sri Lankan SSS Father Christian Christopher took the long flight. He arrived in Houston, Texas, to become one of the chaplains in the hospital ministry in the extensive medical center of Houston, near our parish Corpus Christi. Father Christian will reside in the Houston community and assist with Masses in our parish. He replaces Father Ravi Earnest Sebastin … and Father Peter Van Tuong Nguyen. ….We are grateful to Fathers Peter and Ravi Earnest for their dedication and service in Houston for four years.

Father Mark del Rosario will be coming soon to San Antonio, Texas and our parish on the riverwalk, Saint Joseph Downtown. He has been serving in the Diocese of Pueblo, Colorado as a pastor there for many years, a mission of the Philippine Province. Now Father Mark will be collaborating in Saint Ann Province as pastor of this historic church as of July 1. …

Photo: Left to Right – SSS Fathers Christian Christopher (Sri Lanka), Joseph Doan (Vietnam), Ravi Earnest Sebastin (India) and Thomas Smithson (USA) Father Christian Christopher SSS (Sri Lanka)

Article continues – Read more in Grapevine 2023-7 pdf

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