Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament

Province of Saint Ann

St Ann Crown red

Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament

Province of Saint Ann

St Ann Crown red
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Daily Eucharistic Reflections

August 24, 2023

Feast of Saint Bartholomew, Apostle

“Come and see.”

Our religious organizations create invitations through different media to learn more about their missions and encourage an interest in becoming a religious or active evangelical lay partner. But some people speak of themselves as “non-joiners”— no clubs, groups, or teams for them. However, they do belong to Church. As Catholics, we’ve got this—maybe more in theory than practice, but we still all belong, meaning there is a connection built into simply belonging, which unites us to others and God whether or not we feel that connection or have given it much thought.

As organizations function, only some are active participants. This is important for us to understand. Nothing about us as Catholics is meant to be passive. Saint Paul in Romans 13:11 tells us to awake from our slumber. Be aware. The priest sends out a blessing, “The Lord be with you,” he says. If not recognized, then Jesus is not present to us. Awake!

Take notice that Christ truly is with us. The disciple, Nathaniel, testified that before him was the Son of God. We can say the same. As we return to our seats, we can say, “Here is the Son of God”; look to the tabernacle and say, “Here is the Son of God;” see the person near us and say, “Here is a son of God.”

May we recognize that the Lord is with us and that we belong. As the prophets announced the incomprehensible, we are called to do the same. Christ lives within us; we have his sacramental presence in the Eucharist.

Saint Bartholomew, the apostle we remember today, recognized Jesus as the Son of God at first sight. We can do likewise. Tell the Good News.

Let Us Pray:

Our senses are dulled. Butterfly takes flight. And no one to tell the story.

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