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Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament

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Emmanuel Media offers media, newsletters, books and prayer service booklets focusing on the Eucharist and Saint Peter Julian Eymard.

From 1895 through 2021, Emmanuel, the magazine of Eucharistic Spirituality, was one of the most respected and awarded Catholic publications in the United States. It was founded by by Bishop Camillus P. Maes of Covington after the Preists’ Eucharistic League began the USA national Eucharistic Congresses.  From 1905 until the end, it was published by the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament. Check the Emmanuel Archives page for past issues of Emmanuel Magazine.

A single enduring goal has guided Emmanuel throughout its history: to foster love for the Eucharist among the church’s ministers and members.

Emmanuel Media focuses on the whole eucharistic mystery―the Eucharist celebrated, the Eucharist contemplated, and the Eucharist lived―with writing that nourishes the mind and the soul. It provides thoughtful, practical, and uplifting articles and prayer resources for all who want to deepen their understanding and living of the Eucharist.

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Eucharistic Books by SSS

A Eucharistic Spirituality: Inspired by Saint Peter Julian Eymard, Apostle of the Eucharist

Jim Brown & Paul Bernier SSS
This book is written for the laity, especially for the Associates of the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament (Aggregation). It is rich with quotations from the Bible as well as from the pen of Saint Peter Julian Eymard in the Constitutions that he wrote for the Congregations he founded and first published in 1863, the sermons he gave, and the letters he wrote constantly providing spiritual direction for women and men to learn and love Jesus Christ present in the Eucharist in all its dimensions.

Cleveland, Ohio: Emmanuel Publishing, 96 pages – Paperback

Dining in the Kingdom of God

Eugene LaVerdiere SSS
After Jesus’ death, his followers gradually came to recognize his presence with them, especially as they gathered at the table sharing the bread broken and wine poured. Yet their understanding of the presence of Christ was not immediate; it developed over time, and this was captured by Luke in his gospel and later in the Acts of the Apostles. With this book you will come to a deeper understanding of the Eucharist in the Gospel of Luke, a story of meals and journeys. It highlights the unique Lukan tradition of noon meals, Sabbath dinners, banquets and even of meeting and dining with a stranger on the road to Emmaus. Join the trip; sit at the table; dine in the Kingdom.

This book is available only through ordering on Amazon.

Amazon Digital Publications: 5.5” x 8.5” – 265 pages – Paperback

Guide to Worship of the Eucharist Outside Mass

John Thomas Lane SSS
This book gives a brief history, pastoral practice and suggested rituals for exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. When ordered through our office, your copy will be autographed.

Chicago, Illinois: Liturgy Training Publications, 96 pages – Paperback

Eymard Biographical Titles

Tomorrow Will Be Too Late
A Life Of Saint Peter Julian Eymard (1811-1868)

Norman B. Pelletier SSS
This life of Saint Peter Julian Eymard provides an overview of his life and mission. You will appreciate his determination in spite of hardships, setbacks and poor health, how he responded to that inner voice to leave everything and forge head in his quest towards the Eucharist, because, tomorrow would be too late.
5 ½’’ x 8 ¼” – 145 Pages – Paperback

Peter Julian Eymard
Apostle Of The Eucharist

André Guitton; Translated by Conrad Goulet
A detailed account of Saint Eymard’s life divided in three sections:
I.Preparation 1811-1856
II.Eucharistic Vocation 1856-1868
Each section describes in detail the places, travels and struggles of founding a religious congregation dedicated to the Eucharist. Saint Eymard was determined to set the world ablaze with this eucharistic fire.
9 ½” x 6 ½” – 386 Pages – Paperback

Champion Of The Blessed Sacrament: Saint Peter Julian Eymard

Rev Martin Dempsey
At the request of the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament, Fr Dempsey wrote this life of Saint Eymard but died just before it was published. Through his letters, notes and reflections we are able to get close to this champion. It ends with the two miracles required for Fr. Eymard to be canonized on December 8, 1962 by Pope John XXIII, one hundred and six years after his death.
5 ½” x 8” – 286 Pages – Available Hardcover/Paperback

Saint Peter Julian Eymard: Life Sketch

A short precise overview of Saint Eymard’s life and journey from childhood to priesthood and founder to sainthood. It will give you a quick view of a saint filled with love for the Eucharist. A wonderful opened window that will leave you wanting for more.
4” x 6” – 30 Pages – Paperback

Saint Peter Julian Eymard
The Priest Of The Eucharist

Translated from French
Two Years after the death of Saint Eymard, a brief sketch of his life was written bearing this title. The author, Fr Albert Tesniere, a close companion of Saint Eymard. After Saint Eymard’s beatification in 1925 the work was expanded by Fr Henri Evers. A translation of the biography in English appeared in 1936. This little book has been a favorite read by many who fell in love with the Priest of the Eucharist.
Approx. 4” x 6” – 251 Pages – Paperback

The Eucharist and Saint Peter Julian Eymard

Bernard Camire SSS
This 48 page booklet is divided into ten meditations. They will assist toward a deeper appreciation of the Eucharist and the life of Saint Eymard. An excellent resource for eucharistic ministers, and for those who pray before the Blessed Sacrament.
5” x 7 ¼” – 48 pages – Paperback

The Eymard Library


The Eymard Library

Vol. 1 – The Real Presence
This volume consists of a collection of sermons on the Eucharist. It will direct you to a better knowledge and deeper love of Christ in the Eucharist. 320 pages


Vol. 2 – Holy Communion
Concentrating on how to attend Mass meditatively, this volume will inspire you to make a better Communion and a more perfect thanksgiving, and so much more. A real gem! 330 pages


Vol. 3 – Eucharistic Retreats
This third volume contains (4) four different retreats to be made in an atmosphere of silence and solitude. It will help you to treat spiritual life within the intimacy of the mystic union found with Christ. 336 pages


Vol. 4 – The Eucharist and Christian Perfection I
In this fourth volume, two retreats focus on the beatitudes of the sermon on the mount. It will encourage, while living on this earth, the joy found through Jesus in the Eucharist. 327 pages


Vol. 5 – The Eucharist And Christian Perfection II
Volume 5 is a retreat preached by Father Eymard to his own Blessed Sacrament Religious. It will guide you to a deeper understanding of conversion inspired by the Eucharist. 236 pages


Vol. 6 – A Eucharistic Handbook
This volume reveals the practical character of Saint Peter Julian Eymard in instilling a better understanding of Jesus and how he wishes to transform us through the Eucharist. Fr. Eymard sees this sacrament as the principle of growth in the Christian life. 331 pages


Vol. 7 – Our Lady Of The Blessed Sacrament
This volume contains 31 meditations on Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament and the Eucharist that have the capacity to increase one’s reverence for Mary in her relationship to the sacrament. A great devotional book for the month of May. 186 pages


Vol. 8 – Month Of St. Joseph
This little gem depicts Saint Joseph as the silent model for eucharistic adoration. It contains 31 meditations on his life and how to imitate him. It’s a great devotional book for the month of March, the month dedicated to St. Joseph. 131 pages


Vol. 9 – In The Light Of The Monstrance
This final volume contains a summary of Saint Peter Julian Eymard’s Eucharistic teachings arranged in a progressive order from fundamental truths and virtues to a deeper means of sanctification. 248 pages


Complete Nine Volume Set
The entire library can be purchased as a complete 9 volume set – a substantial savings in shipping alone over individual volume purchases. Each book is shrink wrapped and clearly marked with title and volume number. Each volume’s cover portrays a different photograph of Saint Eymard taken throughout his lifetime 1811-1868. The Eymard Library, Vol. 1 – 9

The Model Series

The Model Series

Florence Wedge
These 2 booklets, the model series, present Eymard as a frequent communicant and at the altar itself as a priest. The series ends around a remark Saint Eymard made which would be his last sermon. “Ah, Yes! You have the Eucharist! What more do you want?”
4 ¾” x 7 ½” – Paperback

Saint Peter Julian Eymard; 47 Pages

Saint Peter Julian Eymard; 48 Pages

The Life and Letters of Saint Peter Julian Eymard

The Life And Letters Of Saint Peter Julian Eymard

Over 2100 letters, arranged chronologically from 1828 through 1866, presented in 6 volumes and translated by Sister Catherine Marie Caron SSS.
Reading these letters is to get to know Saint Eymard from within and to find a friend and spiritual guide. The details of daily life will transport you to 18th century France, beset with revolution and class struggles. You will find a man who befriended every class of society and a saint.
All volumes 9” x 6” – Paperback

Vol. 1 – 1828-1852: THE EARLY YEARS; 464 Pages
Vol. 2 – 1853-1857: THE TRANSITION YEARS; 401 Pages
Vol. 3 – 1858-1861: THE EUCHARISTIC FAMILY; 444 Pages
Vol. 4 – 1862-1864: NEW HORIZONS; 473 Pages
Vol. 5 – 1865-1866: THE PLOWMAN; 361 Pages
Vol. 6 – 1867-1868: THROUGH THE TEMPEST; 345 Pages
Complete Set: 6 Volumes – 2,488 pages