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Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament

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The Lights We Carry

The Lights We Carry: Overcoming in certain times. By Michelle Obama. New York: Crown, 2022.319 p.

Michelle Obama, the first lady of the United States and wife of Barak Obama. She wrote this book to  respond to fear, anxiety, and situations that we all face in our lives. What she shares for others is helpful for some times. when we are anxious, challenged or somewhat awkward. Michelle believes she learned how to face these times

Michelle Is a woman that learned from her father and mother how to become an intelligent and mature person, from a child to an adult and the wife of President of the United States, Barak Obama. She was very close to her brother, even living in the same room He was different. he liked movies and television stories that were frightening for Michelle. Her parents helped much in her maturing.

Michelle’s education included the Princeton University and Harvard Law School. Her first books were translated in twenty-four languages. Michelle shared her expedience. the power she had when she was small or felt it. She decoded fear, she was kind. her friends appreciated her kindness.

Sometimes she invited friends to her table. They enjoyed it together. She knew how to be a partner. She found that an armor could help. Her mother and father taught her to “go high” when others went low.” The ten chapters of her book have titles we have been writing

There were many reasons I read and reviewed the book. It was in the list on the New York Tims for 27 weeks. She was the President Obama’s wife and an African-American and a person with a career. The tie title of the book caught my eye. I made many book reviews for the Emmanuel Magazine. Some of these reviews pointed virtues and spiritual values.

Some book reviews compare Becoming and Lights We Carry. Both are her story. However, The Lights We Carry is more personal and more a sharing of her experience and unusual situations that are like many people experience, and our readers know that sometimes we need courage, wisdom and we know that life requires virtue, strength, love and sharing help for others.

Ernest Falardeau, SSS

Cleveland (Highland Heights), OH




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